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Football Workout

Today’s the BIG GAME! You may be sitting on the edge of your seat holding your breath with ever play, but if you are anything like me and looking for something to enhance the day a bit  (in addition to the commercials and half time show of course) here’s a little workout you can do… Continue reading Football Workout

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The Runner’s Ultimate Wish List

The Holidays are just around the corner and trying to find the perfect gift for everyone on your list can be quite a daunting task. If you have a runner on your list, there is a good chance they may have some of these things on their list. Running Clothes As someone who runs every… Continue reading The Runner’s Ultimate Wish List

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14 Day Plank Challenge

Making healthy choices doesn’t mean jumping on the treadmill for 2 hours each day (please don’t!) or completely ditching sugar and carbs over night. It’s all about doing a little more today than you did yesterday. With that, join me for our very first 365 Healthy Choices Fitness Challenge. Since we are already half way… Continue reading 14 Day Plank Challenge