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The Runner’s Ultimate Wish List

The Holidays are just around the corner and trying to find the perfect gift for everyone on your list can be quite a daunting task. If you have a runner on your list, there is a good chance they may have some of these things on their list.runner-christmas

Running Clothes

As someone who runs every day, I know how fast running tights get worn out. There are so many fun patterns that come out every year, it’s fun to get to mix it up too. I may own more running tights than I do regular pants but I am always open to owning more! I love Under Armor Heat Gear Capris. They are really comfy and come in so many colors and designs.


Do you know how often running shoes are supposed to be replaced? About every 500 miles. If you are an everyday runner those miles can add up fast. However, because every runner is picky about what shoe they run in (I’ve been running in the same brand and type of shoe for the last 10 years) I recommend getting a gift certificate to a running store so they can pick out their own shoes.


Music is so great for helping keep up your tempo while running but listening to the same playlist over and over again can get really annoying. A gift card to iTunes or a subscription to RockMyRun  would be a great way to add to your runner’s music collection. If they have all of the music they need, a new pair of earbuds for running would also be nice. I love Yurbuds with the hook to keep them in your ears while you’re moving. Awesome product and budget friendly.

Fitness Band

There are so many different types of fitness bands available on the market now. I have tried a few different ones, but my favorite has always been my Garmin watch. I have a Forerunner 405 that is about 6 years old and I am about ready for an upgrade. I have my eye on the Garmin Forerunner 230. It can track your distance, calories, and pace. If you want to get more high tech with it, you can purchase a heart rate band. Like a Fitbit, the 230 is able to track your sleep and can send you reminders to move throughout the day to help you achieve your fitness goals. It’s even able to track your distance on a treadmill or indoor track which is great for people like me who live in places where running outside in the winter is not possible, unless you really enjoy frostbite and didn’t want to have all of your toes stay attached to your feet.

Running Accessories

Have you ever tried to figure out where to put your phone or keys while you’re wearing spandex? It can be a real issue. That’s why it is great to have a nice a Flipbelt  to put all of those things in. The Flipbelt is a belt made by a tube of lycra like fabric. It has pockets all the way around so you can hold everything you may need on your run without having to hold everything in your hands.

Sometimes trying to plan your course around where you will find water fountains can be tricky. It’s nice to have a water bottle handy when you are going to be running a long distance but holding a bottle can be kind of awkward and makes your arms tired. A great solution to that is wearing your water in a pack. Camelbak makes a backwards fanny pack looking holder called the Delaney   that is great. It comes in several colors and holds a full size water bottle that is made to stay cool.

Race Entry

Every time I sign up for a race my husband rolls his eyes and asks if I really need to run another 5K/10K. (The answer to that is YES!) Chances are that your runner likes to run in races too. I love them because when you have a goal it helps you stay motivated to train, and it’s fun to get medals at the finish line for all of the hard work. If you know if a run coming up in your town you could cover the entry fee for your runner. Or you could help them get to a neat race that may be farther away from home that they may not normally run. (Psst. Someone tell my husband that I really need to run a marathon in Hawaii!)

Whoever is on your gift list is going to live whatever you give them because it came from someone who cares about them. Happy Holidays and have a nice run!


Have you finished your Holiday shopping yet?

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