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365 Healthy Choices (4)

What is #365HealthyChoices?┬áIt’s a social challenge to make {at least} one healthy choice every single day. Rather than crash dieting or jumping on the latest health fad, choose to make consistent and maintainable changes in your daily lifestyle. Committing to making small changes toward becoming healthier and happier is accessible to anyone, at any age, of any race and socioeconomic status. You don’t need anything but your own drive and determination (and maybe a little cheerleading from us) to make one small choice per day to benefit your health.

My team and I are committing to #365HealthyChoices right along with you. Follow us and let’s build an atmosphere of support for one another to achieve our own, individual goals. Tag us in your posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram so we can provide you with resources and encouragement along the way!

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