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Healthy Living Starts With You

Staying on a path to health isn’t always easy, especially with 2 kids, busy schedules and quickly approaching holidays. And lately I’ve noticed myself giving in, more and more, to the urge to snack – even when I’m not hungry.

Because I try to live a healthier lifestyle overall, it’s really not the be all end all of my health journey and doesn’t necessary derail all the progress I have made; however, one thing that HAS been quite detrimental to my success has been the tendency to blame my husband (and his stash of unhealthy snacks) when I stray from my healthy eating habits. By doing this, I am taking the power of my own health out my my hands and placing it in his. This isn’t fair to him and certainly isn’t doing myself any favors.

While the temptations can certainly be strong, my health belongs to me and I need to be the one to take charge. As long as I remember this and proceed on my healthy journey knowing that a healthy lifestyle for myself (and subsequently for my children) starts with me, then (hopefully), one day my healthy habits will inspire those around me to do the same (cough, cough husband!).

The purpose of this website is not to proclaim perfection in health and fitness. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. This website is meant to empower others and, I believe, admitting to my own struggles is part of that. Just because I’m not perfect in my journey, doesn’t mean I’m failing or should give up. A healthy life is made one choice at a time, one day at a time. Expecting to be the picture of health overnight is unrealistic and only setting yourself up for failure. Taking the good with the bad and analyzing where you can do better tomorrow is part of the process.

I’m going to use this moment of clarity as a starting point to revitalize my efforts to use food as fuel and not as a means to curb boredom or avoid stress. I’m stocking up on healthy snacks (red bell peppers and frozen grapes are one of my favorites right now!) and turning a blind eye to all those temptations that I don’t even WANT to eat any way.

Do you have any tips and tricks for staying on track when faced with temptation? Please share them below! I’m sure we could all use some extra resources in our tool belt, especially with the upcoming holidays and the season of sugary treats galore!

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