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Welcome to #365healthychoices

We are so excited to officially kick off the relaunch of 365 Healthy Choices! If you are still with us from our original iteration, welcome back! We’ve changed a few things and hope you are as excited as we are for what’s in store. If you are new, welcome! 365 Healthy Choices is a social movement stemming from the basic concept of making {at least} one healthy choice each day to achieve happiness and create a healthy lifestyle.

We believe healthy living is comprised of an equal balance of fitness, nutrition and lifestyle/happiness. Rather than jumping on board with some fad that provides an inspirational high to throw out all the food in your house and workout 2x a day, our process is simple. Identify one thing, each day, that you can do to get closer to one of the pillars of health. Whether it’s a green smoothie for breakfast, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, spending 15 minutes finding focus through meditation or perhaps picking 1 slice of pizza for lunch rather than 2 (Hey! We celebrate all victories here!). Be present and aware of one choice you can make that day to be healthier than you were the day before.

Since this is a social movement, snap a photo and share your healthy choices on social media using the hashtag #365healthychoices. We will be using the hashtag to cheer you on, provide encouragement and form a community of support for everyone looking to join us on this journey. We are real people with real struggles, just like you.  We won’t claim perfection (or deny that extra glass of wine we had with dinner the night before) but we will provide content on this website and our social media channels to provide motivation and spark inspiration for making healthy choices each day.

To get you started, here are a few simple ideas for healthier choices you can make today:

simple choices

These suggestions are just a starting point.  Get creative and enjoy developing your own active daily routines. Let’s start together, today! What healthy choice will you make today?

Don’t forget to check back throughout the week for new topics and inspiration – or better yet, subscribe to our website so you can receive new inspiration straight to your inbox! Ready. Set. Go!

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